We give these pricing as a guide only, as each project is different. 

At the same time, traditionally web developers are very ‘closed door’ with their pricing so they can charge whatever they want with each client. We are transparent.

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How much does a website cost?

We specialise in small-business website design. Below are some examples of projects we have undertaken and how much they cost (without naming who to protect their privacy). 

If you contact us for a website quote, we will ask a few questions to scope the project properly, and give you an estimate of how much your project will cost. Feel free to mention to us “I want a website like you did for x” and this will give us a great start.

Please treat the pricing below as ball-park figures…

How much does a website cost?
5 Page website case study

AUD $2,957

Pay as you go

we break it down into 3 payments
We break the project down into 3 payments:
  • Initial payment to start the project and start the build
  • Second payment when you have reviewed the prototype
  • Final payment before going live

Interest free credit

The smarter way to pay for what you want todayPricing 1
% 0 Finance option
  • Make payments at your own pace.
  • We build your website just the same.
For example

What we deliver

Home Page

The central landing page for your brand. It captures the look and feel of your business so it needs to bring people in and install trust as well as give clear call-to-action.

About Page

In case your visitors wish to learn more, gather more information about your brand, need further confirmation of trust. Or perhaps see how long you have been going.

Services Page

Ok so we saw what and who you are. Now the visitor needs to know what you can do to solve their problem. This page will show them what you do best.

Contact Page

You generally want people to get in touch, right? So this page could be your desired outcome for any visitor. They know who you are and what you do. Time to take action.


Why choose you? What work have you done already? A portfolio page could contain a gallery, testimonials or examples of your recent work.

Responsive web design

We make our sites suitable for all modern devices

Clean and clear design

So it gives a good impression, gives clear intention and converts visitors into customers

Animated elements

Uniquely designed so that it catches the eye and draws towards your desired location

Pricing 2
Fast loading

Our partnered web host is based on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform using the best optimisation techniques available. 

Content Delivery network

We use a CDN for our client websites – this means it is replicated all over the world so it is FAST for everyone, anywhere.


Security hardened, firewalls, updated regularly and daily backups prevent your website getting hacked. 

Why You Should Choose Us

Additional Value We Offer

Pricing 3

Business Support

In days of old, designers would give you a website, shake your hand, take your money and disappear. We like to help you succeed by helping any way we can.

Flexibility icon


Some web designers need to be spoon fed every bit of information and artwork. We appreciate it isn’t always so simple, so we roll our sleeves up suggest ideas.

Pricing 4

Transparent & Friendly

We have key stages where we encourage feedback to make sure you are happy with the progress and input any changes you require to the design and content.

Pricing 5


Don’t know what to say? No problem! We gain an understanding of your niche, write good copy and if you need a blog, we can provide great articles to keep you going.

Pricing 6

We don't stop

We don’t stop until you see results. We deliver the website then ask “Would you like us to help you further?” – Having this open chat often leads to great things.

Pricing 7


Each website we deliver ranks well for your brand by default. However, there’s no point to a website that nobody knows about. We can apply SEO techniques to get you to the first page on Google.

Are You Ready to Stop Guessing?

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